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Our Dog Training Tips

Our Dog Training Tips

As the saying goes, ‘a tired puppy, is a good puppy’. A well exercised, happy dog is eager to please, ready to listen and less likely to develop behavioural issues. 

Stay In Control
Clear confident commands will help show your dog you know what you are doing. Dogs are pack animals and if you establish yourself as the confident pack leader, your dog will learn to trust and respect your commands.

Every dog is unique and training progress can be slower than you’d like. It sometimes can be frustrating, but keep your cool and anxious energy to a minimum as your dog will pick up on this and could halt the progress you’ve already made.

Set Boundaries And Enforce Them
If your dog has started an undesirable new behaviour, be sure to send clear consistent messages to tell your dog it’s not okay. The behaviours could be barking, chewing, digging, jumping up on people or furniture. Remember, you know what is best for your dog.

Dogs are creatures of habit and they like structure. Keeping your training efforts consistent from person to person, from day to day will be key in establishing positive changes in behaviours. 

Positive Reinforcement
Who doesn’t like being told they did a good job? Dogs are no different and you can use things like encouraging words and tone, treats, petting, etc. This will help to actively reinforce the encouraged behaviours.

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