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Potty Door Leash With Bells

Premium Quality Potty Training Leash

Dog Training Bells are an easy and non-confrontational solution to toilet train your four-legged best friend.

Our bell leash is proven to be a simple and effective communication tool for your dog and reduces the need of scratching and barking.

Upgraded design is suitable for all dog sizes - small, medium and large. 

Easily mounted to your door handle handle or knob via an adjustable loop and reinforced rivets.

Belt is made from heavy duty nylon material withstanding tugs, scratches and bites.

Endorsed by pet professionals and experienced pet owners.


How To Train?

STEP 1: 
Hang the bell leash off your house or apartment door handle which you use to take out your dog. Alternatively use a hook next to your entrance door if you prefer to keep your door handle unobstructed.

STEP 2: 
Whenever you take your dog out, encourage your dog to interact with the bell leash; ideally tapping bells with their nose. When he/she does so, establish a voice command associated with ‘going potty’. Provide positive verbal feedback and take your dog out.

STEP 3: 
Repeat the process, always giving the same command and praise. Make sure that you don't distract your dog from going to the bathroom by playing after you take him/her outside. If you're going outside to play, don't use the bells. After a few weeks of this routine, most dogs will begin ringing the bells on their own. When they do so, it is important to take them out right away to reinforce the conditioning.

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