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Lightweight Poop Bag Dispenser

Lightweight Poop Bag Dispenser

Perfect Size & Easy Attachment
Stores 2 rolls of standard dog bags. Plus, our dog bag holder also stores cash, set of keys, or even dog treats for added convenience, if needed. Quick and simple to attach to any leash.

Lays Flat And Secure On Leash
Our lightweight poop bag dispenser easily secures flat to any dog leash with durable velcro straps. Won’t hang or bounce while walking.

Better Than Plastic Bag Holders
Won't crack like plastic and provides a durable storage solution. You’ll love the lightweight fabric material with an added D-Ring for hanging accessories. Perfect for your walks, runs, and hikes with your pup.

Quick Bag Access
Convenient and hassle-free access by simply pulling one poop bag from the secure holder at a time.

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