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Ultrasonic Dog Barking Control Device

Indoor/Outdoor Dog Bark Deterrent Device With Auto Bark Detection

  • 2023 NEW Version with Recording and AI Audio Recognition
  • Automatically activates once barking is detected. Record your own dog’s barking sound and our device stores the audio sample. 
  • Our device filters irrelevant noises such as chatting, door shutting and enhances the accuracy of detecting your dog’s voiceprint to prevent false triggers.
  • Ultrasonic bark deterrent device for static installation.
  • Suitable for all dog sizes.
  • Up To 75 Feet Effective Range.
  • Adjustable Range Settings - Mode 1: low range (up to 25 feet); Mode 2: medium range (up to 50 feet); Mode 3: High Range (discourages all dogs outside up to 75 feet).
  • Multi-directional microphone picks up dog barking in any direction
  • Safe to animals and people. Ultrasonic audio waves are inaudible for humans.
  • Easy To Use - Easy to mount indoors, hang on a tree or place on a fence post. Extremely easy to set up.
  • Durable and Weatherproof - Built to the highest level of quality to ensure long-term use. It's waterproof and durable which makes it ideal for outdoor use as well.
  • CertificationsCE, ROHS, FCC.
  • User Manual and Battery Included.

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